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Trusted Leadership is Not a Thing of the Past

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

As I have walked our neighborhoods and met you at your door and listened to your stories, many of us are angry, anxious, and confused. Many are feeling like we don’t matter, or our opinion and rights don’t matter, we feel we have no “say”. Many have been shut down, and isolated.

A lot of people and families in our district that feel the heavy weight of job loss, uncertainty of the school situation and are facing eviction or foreclosure. And, many have significant concerns about safety and security.


I love our community not just because of all it has given to our family, but for all the work that needs to be done. As I’ve met you at your door, when I hear the stories of pain and what people are going through, they feel like they don’t matter. They’ve felt ignored for a long time. They are hurting and need help.

President John F. Kennedy was known as a man of his word - known for making and keeping promises. As your new State Representative, I will too. Being open and honest and available is the promise I make to you today. I will work for ALL Kansans - Democrat as well as Republican. I will focus on empowering the struggling people of Kansas, economic recovery, affordable healthcare and schools. And, I will continue to reach out to you...just as I have been doing throughout these last months.

After nearly a quarter of a century under the same state representative, are we really in a better place? Can we do better. I think so. Who will PROMISE a fresh new direction and a new voice?


The partisan games have to stop. The professional politicians need to step aside. We need real people with real solutions, a voice and direction.

New. Smart. Brave. Leadership.

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