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Nesbett-Tucker Receives Kansans for Life Endorsement - You DO NOT Have to Love Trump to be Pro-Life

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Abortion is such a tough topic to talk about. It is polarizing. Why? Because so many people in the past - liberal or conservative - have believed so differently about it. But more and more, all sorts of people are beginning to change their minds. This decision and the fall-out from that decision can be some of the heaviest and most tormenting of a woman's life. You have no idea of its gravity until you are faced with the aftermath.

As Americans we ALL have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But what about the rights of an unborn child? More than 100 Democrats affiliated with the anti-abortion group Democrats for Life have signed a letter urging the party to change its abortion stance in this year's platform. Signatories include Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, Rep. Collin Peterson(Minn.) and Rep. Dan Lipinski (Ill.), who lost his March primary to a progressive. Fifty-six state legislators also signed the letter addressed to the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee.

The letter urged the Democratic Party to adopt the abortion language from its 2000 platform, which recognized differences of opinion on abortion as a “source of strength” and welcomed Americans of all abortion stances. It was sent three days ahead of the start of the virtual Democratic National Convention Aug. 17-20. The letter went on to say those supported rights violate their party's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Nationwide, one in three dems oppose abortion. The letter's signers urged the Platform Committee to, this year, reintroduce conscience language from the 2000 platform into the 2020 platform acknowledging "that Americans have differing and deeply held views on abortion."

In short, you DO NOT not have to LOVE or even SUPPORT Trump to be pro-life. I am pro-life but I do not think my stance in any way invalidates the support of equalities we as women, deserve.

Think about this.


I am thrilled and honored to receive the endorsement from Kansans for Life. They notified me early on in my campaign with the letter to the left:

“Kansans for Life Political Action Committee is pleased to inform you that your candidacy has been endorsed for the Kansas House of Representatives.”

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