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Thank You Friends & Supporters

Image by Samuel Branch

     "Thank you to my many friends (old and new) who knocked countless doors and rang more doorbells than I can even count - twice and in some cases three times. And thank you to friends who donated, walked, wrote, sorted, delivered, gifted, baked, drove and prayed. And, thank you to all of you who voted for me. I know many of you are disappointed, as am I. Because I thought we really had a chance. But it was not our time.


I urge us to all rally behind our re-elected state representative and do whatever we can to support her and to hold her accountable in serving the needs of the residents and families of our district as we work to recover from this economic downturn.


Again, thank you so much for your help and sacrifices. You’ll never know how much I appreciate your joining me on this most fulfilling, yet, humbling journey.

- Janlyn


     I promise to return calls and email - always. I will reach out to you just like I have over the past months, meeting you at your door. 

     I will show up for votes and meetings.


     I am committed to putting the interests of our district, first.


     I will bring my small business experience with me to the state house, and guard your money as if it were my own.


     I will protect your freedoms.


     I promise to never ever play partisan politics.


     Most importantly, I promise to be a servant leader. That means serving everyone regardless of party affiliation.


Being open, honest and working together is the promise I make to you today. But sometimes it takes courage and the willingness to take that first step. I've never run for a political office and I'm not backed by big lobby so I'm a political outsider. I'm excited to be a fresh new voice for my neighbors. I live in the heart of beautiful District 55. I know we need someone who will represent the issues we face everyday. There's probably not much that separates you from me because the same issues you care about are the same ones I care about. 


After almost a quarter of a century under the same State Representative. She says she works across the aisle, but always votes partyline even when it is NOT in the best interest of EVERY family in our state.


Again, I promise I will return your calls, no matter how tough the conversation may be. I promise I will answer your emails and not leave you waiting on a response. I will always be respectful of you and if you bring your classroom to the Capital building, I will be happy to see you. I will NEVER EVER ignore you. Because I will be working for you. And, I will never forget that.


The time for a change is now. I am focused and committed. It's exciting to be part of a new group of leadership for Kansas. This election isn't about me. I sure don't want to make this a career - I just want to be able to get something done. This election is about us - every single family living here in beautiful District 55. Think about it, a vote for me really is a vote...for your voice."


Priorities for our Families

  • Empower our small businesses

  • Fight for Our Children's Education

  • Preserve our values

  • Revive Our Economy

  • Protect Our Freedoms



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Kansas District 55 has approximately 13,250 registered voters.

It contains 28 precincts and stretches from 21st on the South up to the Kansas River and goes from Gage Boulevard on the West, to Washburn Avenue and then cuts over to Topeka Boulevard.

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